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Counselling 4U Cheshire Counsellor Chester, North wales, Wirral.

Counselling therapy Adults & Children

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Sue Corfield

Wrexham Borough Council
OUTside in is a free and confidential counselling service based at the Info shop Wrexham. Counsellor for young people 11-25, school counsellor 12-19 Wrexham High schools

I am also a sessional counsellor for the Meningitis Trust and take on clients referred by them. This is a free counselling service for those directly or indirectly affected by Meningitis.

Online counsellor BeatBulllying project
online counsellor for young people 11-18 (previous)

HMP service

Previous Stepping stones survivors of childhood sexual abuse group work and one on on eight years

My private practice is based in Little Sutton, I deal with all presenting emotional difficulties, relationships,couples, depression, OCD, anxiety, Self Harm, Loss, Grief, sadness, searching for self, anger management.

I also work for several EAPs providing one on one counselling paid by employer situated at my office in Little Sutton.

I have two colleagues who are fully trained counsellors who also use my office for counselling. Should I be unable to find a space for you because of holidays or fully booked I will offer contact numbers for you to contact them. Or pass on your details to them. Up to you how to proceed. Please note they each have own style of working, memberships, contracts and fees please ask for details when contacting them.