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Counselling 4U Cheshire Counsellor Chester, North wales, Wirral.

Counselling therapy Adults & Children

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My style of therapy is Integrated with the the Humanistic approach at its core. This means that I stand by the premise that everyone has within them the capacity to grow and develop and so lead productive and happy lives.

I have trained in Cognitive Behavioural techniques, and I use tools taken from this therapy when deemed useful. C.B.T. has been well researched, and proven highly successful in restoring balance to a clients life.

Its premise is that by changing the way you view the world changes the way you feel. It is a powerful and challenging therapy for those ready for change. Very useful for anxiety, panic attacks, and OCD.


I work with many presenting problems,

including, stress, loss, self esteem, anger, couples,

relationships, grief, abuse, depression, P.T.S.S,

anxiety, O.C.D. and many other issues affecting

emotional well being. I offer a safe and confidential environment for you to explore your issues